Puerh tea

Puerh is a popular Chinese post-fermented tea. This tea is notable for its long aging, and the longer the raw materials are matured, the higher the quality of the resulting tea is considered. Over time, the quality of pu-erh tea improves, unlike other types of tea, which eventually lose both taste and useful properties.

Pu-erh production is based on long-term aging of the original raw material. It can be both natural and artificial. With natural aging, tea is aged for about 8 years, and during this time the composition of the tea changes, the drink acquires a characteristic taste and aroma. With artificial aging, the raw materials are actively fermented for about 3 months, after which the tea is dried and aged for about a year. Pu-erh has excellent tonic properties. In addition, it is able to lower blood cholesterol levels and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

When consuming pu-erh, the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced. Tea is recommended to be consumed in the morning.

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